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Guide to comparing air conditioning quotations

Guide to comparing air conditioning installation quotations

Comparing air con installation quotations or any service is essential to make an informed and balanced decision over the market value, what you can afford, and what meets your requirements.


The main reason for variable prices between air condition quotations is due to the capacity of the equipment being supplied. In general, the higher the capacity rating the higher the cooling output (greater temperature control) and the more the system costs. It is therefore vitally important to compare the Btu or KW rating of each quotation. It is can be false economy and a costly mistake to install an air conditioning system with an inadequate cooling output.


The air condition market is much like any other; there are good brands and bad ones. This presents another reason for the price differences in a supply and installation quotation. Even the cost price of the leading brands, such as Daikin, Toshiba, Fujitsu, LG or Mitsubishi, can be different due to varying technologies. Be very warily of brands you have not heard of, or ones that are not well established in the market, they do have a tendency to disappear leaving you with a system unsupported by any warranty.

Company vs. Individual

A company will have larger overheads then an individual so don’t expect the quotation to be comparable on price. The small extra you pay for with a well established air condition specialise goes into expertise and project management skills to solve challenging technical problems. Reliable work and aftercare that ensures your system is installed to last for years, with a valid manufactures warranty.

You could get lucky and find a great engineer who really knows their stuff and stays in business long enough to provided all the aftercare you will need to maintain your cooling system; as we were when we first started out to build City Engineering. However, we are still shocked by the numbers of people who contact us to fix problems due to poorly installed equipment by independent engineers.

Other work/requirements

Other things to look out for include: installation of additional electricity supply, finishing’s to hide pipe work if required. All these points should all be discuss during a site visit, as a good engineer will be able to establish whether any extra work is required.


Finally, the best way to get comparable quotations is to communicate your needs and expectations during a free site consultation. If you are clear about what you want, then the quotation you get back will be clear and the result you get will be as you expect and more importantly what you require.

Mr S. Arul
Managing Director
City Engineering Limited
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