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Doing nothing cost money!

The running cost for a modern 7KW split air condition system is around 13p/hour. Therefore, a computer room running 24 hrs, 7 days for 52 weeks a year this comes to more £1,100 per year in running costs.

Based on data from carbon trust. By not servicing this system, energy consumption of an air conditioning system can increase by 60%, you would be paying £660 per year extra in running cost; this is more than four times the price of our annual maintenance contract. In many cases, with longer plans and multiple units, this can be up to six times the cost our annual maintenance contract.  Don’t delay, the quicker you have a maintenance contract in place the quicker you will save money.

Further advice on maintenance and energy saving is available from


Here are some features that you should consider when thinking about how to maintain your air conditioning system:


It’s vital that you make maintenance a regular activity. Only then will you get the best out of your air conditioning system. No regular maintenance invalidates your manufactures warranty, so if it breaks down you may have to pay for replacement parts or systems.


Dirty components can significantly reduce the efficiency of your system, leading to increased energy costs. Make sure all components are regularly cleaned, particularly: Grilles, Fans, and Ductwork.

Also, make sure to check the air conditioning’s filters aren’t blocked. It’s possible to retro-fit gauges that will tell you when duct filters need replacing.


Keep condensers clean and unobstructed. Condensers are usually located outside a building (their job is to expel heat from the building). They are usually wall-hung in small ‘split-systems’, or floor-standing for larger systems.


Pipework insulation needs to be kept in good condition; otherwise more energy will be required to maintain the desired temperature.

Refrigerant leaks

It’s vital that you check for refrigerant gas leaks and repair them immediately. A leak could really increase energy consumption.

This is all covered by a good maintenance plan from specialist air conditioning contractors.


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