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Goodman Global to be acquired for $3.7bn by Daikin

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
Daikin to acquire Goodman for $3.7bn - » Daikin, the Osaka-based air conditioner maker, is to acquire US rival Goodman Global for $3.7bn, adding to this year’s record tally of Japanese outbound deals. Goodman is currently owned by San Franci.... Japanese air-conditioner maker Daikin appears to be looking to expand it share in the US marker and has agreed a deal to buy US rival Goodman Global for $3.7bn (£2.3bn). A Daikin press statement: "Goodman has a significant presence in the ducted-style residential unitary HVAC segment in North America, a segment where Daikin has little offerings. Goodman generates strong financial performance through its low cost ...
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Air conditioning installation at Headley Spice, Brentwood

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
Every air condition installation is different, whether it is for a listed building, a complete refurbishment or a new build project, they all present their challenges in local planning restrictions or overcome building infrastructure problems. Many thanks to the City Engineering air conditioning installer teams for working around the time-lines of contractors, interior designs and the client's needs to complete the work on time and on budget. Our brief was to find an energy efficient solution to the cooling, heating and ventilation requirement for the complete refurbishment of the former popular pub, Headley Arms, into a modern Indian restaurant Headley Spice, while ensuring the systems aesthetically blend into the surroundings. The solution was to supply and install ten Daikin Compact Cassette and ...
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Guide to comparing air conditioning quotations

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
Guide to comparing air conditioning installation quotations Comparing air con installation quotations or any service is essential to make an informed and balanced decision over the market value, what you can afford, and what meets your requirements. Capacity The main reason for variable prices between air condition quotations is due to the capacity of the equipment being supplied. In general, the higher the capacity rating the higher the cooling output (greater temperature control) and the more the system costs. It is therefore vitally important to compare the Btu or KW rating of each quotation. It is can be false economy and a costly mistake to install an air conditioning system ...
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New Daikin ‘Radiant’ front panel air to air heat pump.

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
Ideal for small commercial offices and residential premises the new ‘FVXG-K’ known as the Nexura has a unique radiant heat front panel for ultimate comfort. Available now from City Engineering Limited
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New Life for Daikin VRV R22 System

Friday, November 20th, 2009
Air conditioning  giant Daikin is aiming  to ease the transition away from R22 by  launching  a VRV system which can retain the existing upgrade pipe work.It can purge the system of contaminants too. Advantage for the customer Reduce installation time for less for distruption of business Saves on installation cost cooling & Heating  within short time Advantages  for installer Reduce installation time
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Air Conditioning Design And Installation From Specialists In Ealing.

Thursday, November 19th, 2009
Anyone that has been employed to work in a commercial or industrial environment will know that offices and factories can get incredibly warm throughout the day, particularly when a large amount of people are working in a small space. This can make working incredibly uncomfortable in both the summer and the winter. To ensure that their employees are comfortable and happy in their working environment throughout the year, business owners should consider having an air conditioning system installed into their workplace. Fortunately, companies who specialise in air conditioning Ealing and North-West London areas can design, install and maintain systems from a wide ...
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