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City Engineering are fully registered and approved by REFCOM (F Gas Company Number: REF1003058). Our experienced team will ensuring you understand what is required to meet your obligations, and avoid expensive confusion over current legislation.

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All air conditioning systems containing more than 3kg of refrigerant must have a minimum of one maintenance inspection and leak test every year and ensure accurate records are kept of all such inspections.

As part of all our maintenance plans we conduct periodic inspections, keeping accurate records as required by the current legislation. This is best practice to keep your systems working as efficiently as when they were first installed and to maintain any existing manufactures warranty.

After ozone-depleting R-22 gas production was outlawed at the end of 2009. Refrigeration equipment containing this commonly used refrigerant gas (likely in systems installed prior to 2000) have become increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain.

If your cooling system becomes uneconomic to maintain or repair we will provide you with all the information and options, with available discounts,  to make an informed choice whether to replace your ageing systems and with an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

For more information on REFCOM regulations and our service plans contact us.

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