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Goodman Global to be acquired for $3.7bn by Daikin

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
Daikin to acquire Goodman for $3.7bn - » Daikin, the Osaka-based air conditioner maker, is to acquire US rival Goodman Global for $3.7bn, adding to this year’s record tally of Japanese outbound deals. Goodman is currently owned by San Franci.... Japanese air-conditioner maker Daikin appears to be looking to expand it share in the US marker and has agreed a deal to buy US rival Goodman Global for $3.7bn (£2.3bn). A Daikin press statement: "Goodman has a significant presence in the ducted-style residential unitary HVAC segment in North America, a segment where Daikin has little offerings. Goodman generates strong financial performance through its low cost ...
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