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Installing home air conditioning can not only be your solution to the hot, sticky summer weather, but also to freezing cold winters because air conditioning units can work either to keep you cool, or to keep you warm. All of our systems are inverters, which means you save money.

For the majority of homes, we recommend our multi-split air con units, which have several benefits, including air cooling and heating. Not only are they energy efficient, they also allow you to switch off some rooms or to control each room’s temperature individually – saving you money with their lower electricity use, since you can have them on exactly as and how you wish.

For example, in a three-bedroom house, including an attic conversion, you could have our multi-split system throughout the house to cover each bedroom, the living room and the kitchen and control each room temperature individually, or turn off the kitchen and bedrooms when everybody is in the living room.

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Home Air Conditioner?

5% VAT on selected products5% VAT on selected products

If you choose to have your home air conditioner installed by us, we charge a reduced amount of VAT, only 5% on all of our heat pump units and insulation. Combined with 95% of our installations being completed within seven days, we can have your air con unit up and running within a week for a superb price.

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