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Here at City Engineering Limited we have extensive experience installing high quality cooling and heating air conditioning units to air condition your premises throughout the commercial sector, especially within restaurants and hotels.

Many of our airconditioning units allow for individual control – so, for example, if you would like your seating area to be warm and welcoming in the winter, but need to cool the air in the kitchens, then one of our systems would suit you perfectly, and we can install both the VRV and VRF systems, meaning you save space and money by utilising energy efficient systems that are installed on your roof, rather that your floor or using up window space.




Daikin VRV Roof SystemVRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) and VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) airconditioning systems utilise building roofs to provide an energy efficient solution to your cooling and heating needs. These systems can simultaneously keep one room cool, for example a store-room or kitchen, whilst provide warmth to another part of the building with ease.

Choosing a VRV or VRF system will also mean that you are able to benefit from tax credits and lower fuel bills because they are energy-saving.


Air con unit


We have a variety of designs to suit every layout and requirement. Two popular air con unit choices for commercial air conditioning cooling and heating projects are the Cassette and Ducted styles: